Board Members & Committee Assignments


2021-2023 ETPOA Board of Directors:

  • Janet Duroncelet, President
  • Evan Pitts, Director
  • Charles Rice, Jr., Vice-President
  • Avery Theard, Secretary
  • Joanne Wagner, Treasurer


Architectural Standards Committee (ASC)

The Architectural Standards Committee is a committee appointed by the Board of Directors to enforce the Design Guidelines. The Guidelines are updated periodically; there is currently a 2020 edition. The current members of the 2021 Architectural Standards Committee (ASC) are:

  • Irene Hernandez, 1st Chair
  • Priti Jain, 2nd Chair
  • Frank Morse, 3rd Chair
  • Ben Seale, 4th Chair
  • Bobby Harges, 5th Chair
  • James Chauvin, Architectural Consultant
  • Daryl Relle, Landscape Consultant


Download English Turn ASC Design Guidelines


English Turn Property Owners’ Association Staff:

  • ET POA Director of Administration – Margeaux Fanning
  • ET POA Director of Operations – Sandra Benenate
  • ET POA Director of Security – Kenny Chan
  • ET POA Administrative Assistant/Writer – Anna Osgood
  • ET POA Maintenance Foreman – Adam Ciuffi